"Polis Decay Art Tattoo School’s purpose is to enable someone to become a complete artist and tattoo artist specializing in his own, personal style. Although the school started as a tattoo school, we noticed that the majority of the people interested were those who love drawing and painting. Therefore, we clarify that our main priority is the proper technique and knowledge of academic design through our program. The courses are designed so that our school can not only create tattoo artists, but also show the handling of tools to young artists who want to carve their own path with their own aesthetic."

Polis Decay Art Tattoo School is the first professional tattoo and design school in Greece created by Panos Georgoulias with his team in Athens. Panos is a University of Athens, School of Fine Arts in Athens and Spain (Facultad de Bellas Artes, UCM) graduate. His love from an early age for tattooing and drawing has led him to win many distinctions not only in artistic competitions but also in competitions abroad and has won many trophies competing in the best Tattoo Conventions in the world.

The school is composed of experienced professionals with knowledge of the applied arts and tattooing. It provides training and specialization to new and experienced artists (professionals) who want to expand their knowledge of drawing, tattooing and handling of various tools that help a tattoo artist nowadays to stand out by creating their own, personal style. Our school provides all the necessary skills that one needs to become a professional artist or professional tattoo artist.

Tattooing as an art is something that requires a lot of time, hard work, experience and rarely someone who wants to do it can master it in a few months. (We clarify from day one that there is a high chance that professional and accomplished tattoo artists will not come out as professional artists even though they will have attended our courses).


The curriculum of our school includes a cycle of introductory courses in drawing and the basic principles of tattooing. In the Main Courses our students learn the general style in how to set up a design and also we mentor them in order to discover their personal style. Then, under the supervision of experienced artists, they learn how to use the motorized tattoo machine, as well as how to use the tattooing technique and how that works. At the same time we explain the technique of the tattooing part on a theoretical and practical level.

We clarify to those interested that by attending the Main Courses is not enough to learn tattooing and drawing, they can only have a general idea and a very solid foundation.

After the first course is completed the second cycle of Special Courses begins. These are Special Courses for the tattoo technique for every particular style, as well as how to create a design. Here a student can choose one or more course options at the same time (such as Pencil with Black&Grey Tattoo, or Wood Pencil with Color Realism Tattoo, and so on).

In this circle we let the students make their own combo of courses, adapting the knowledge they have gained in this course to their own needs, the knowledge they want to acquire to create their own individual style and stand out as artists, with their own style.

An artist nowadays is usually distinguished by the combination of experiences and influences that he has. That is to say that someone, by choosing just one style may not be enough to set him apart in the way he or she wants in the art and tattoo world.

In Special Courses a student will be able to find courses beyond the design and styles of tattooing, such as the handling of digital tattoos and the use of digital tattoos. design programs (i.e. Procreate, Photoshop etc.).

Apart from the design and technique of the tattoo for an artist, marketing and managing themselves play an important role. Through Polis Decay's Art Tattoo School, a student can be taught in the Special Courses field how to promote and manage their personal work to become a better professional.

Artistic activities often affect the artistic activities of artists themselves emotionally. A professional artist (or tattoo artist) can in our school learn how to cope with their emotions and personal time management through the psychology course.

Τελευταίο και αρκετά σημαντικό είναι το lifestyle ενός καλλιτέχνη. Ο υγιεινός τρόπος ζωής (healthy lifestyle) στις μέρες μας  είναι κάτι πολύ σημαντικό που ο περισσότερος κόσμος αμελεί, καταναλώνοντας όλη του την ενέργεια στο επαγγελματικό κομμάτι με αποτέλεσμα να παραμελεί τον εαυτό του. Στο Course της διατροφής που παρέχεται από τη σχολή μας, ένας καλλιτέχνης μπορεί να δημιουργήσει ένα δικό του πρόγραμμα διατροφής προσαρμόζοντάς το στις συνήθειές του, στον τρόπο ζωής του και σε αυτά που του αρέσει να τρώει. Θα μπορεί κάποιος να μάθει όλες τις απαραίτητες λεπτομέρειες των θρεπτικών συστατικών των τροφών (macros) για να έχει την ενέργεια που χρειάζεται στη μέρα του, ώστε να γίνει περισσότερο αποδοτικός στη δουλειά του.

As mentioned above, tattooing is something that demands time. A student may attend our school for six months upto a year, but that does not mean that is ready to work as a professional in a tattoo studio in Greece or abroad.

After the cycle of Special Courses our students would be well advised to to spend some extra months at our school for practice on tattooing. We recommend that our students take a few months of practice in the tattoo studio to excel their tattoo skills. If interested to continue for as long as necessary, we endorce them to bring their own clients and friends to our place and have their tattoos under the supervision of an experienced tattoo professional artist for a predetermined amount for each month until one feels ready and accomplished. Of course this is at their discretion and they can tell the student that they are ready to spread their wings and follow their own path and career in the arts and tattooing.

*The amounts of the Main and Special Courses, as well as the additional months needed for each student in learning at our place, are always paid in advance at the beginning of the cycles which we announce through our website and through Social Media (Instagram, Facebook etc).

For more information on REGISTRATIONS contact us via email.

Main Courses

1. Βασικές αρχές σχεδίου
2. Βασικές αρχές tattoo

Special Courses

1.  Σχεδιασμός με μολύβι
2. Black & Grey Tattoo
3.  Ζωγραφική με ξυλομπογιά
4. Color Realism Tattoo
5. Old School Tattoo
6. Japanese Tattoo
7. New School Tattoo
8. Neo Traditional Tattoo
9. Γραμμικό / Dotwork
10. Calligraphy (custom lettering)      
11. Blackwork Tattoo
12. Tribal / Maori Tattoo 
13. Graffiti
14. Tattoo Management & Marketing
15. Digital drawing (iPad: Procreate)
16. Video Editing
17. Αρχιτεκτονικός σχεδιασμός
18. Φωτογραφία
19. Διατροφή
20. Ψυχολογία
21. Εργονομία

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